The Chocolate Lounge brand is a labour of love, bringing the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tradition of bomboniera (more commonly known as favours,)  beautifully presented chocolates, and unique artisan gifts to the UK.

Valentine Chocolate boxes

Chocolates Lounge

Bringing an edge to the concept of chocolate gifting. While no one will argue that chocolates are the perfect gift for many occasions, it’s a shame that once they’re gone, they’re gone! Our chocolate displays are beautifully presented in individually sourced containers that will serve as an ongoing reminder of your thoughtfulness.


Specialising in providing bomboniera for all occasions, tailored to suit your individual taste and colour scheme. The custom of giving your guests a keepsake to remind them of your special occasion has been practiced for over five centuries in Italy. These keepsakes are usually a small gift, coupled with a bomboniera, which consists of five sugared almonds wrapped in tulle; each almond representing a different blessing: health, wealth, fertility, happiness, and long life.

Put simply our mission is: Individual. Unique. Memorable. Etc.

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